Painting a coastal home presents some challenges to homeowners. Beach structures are exposed to adverse weather conditions, like strong winds, high humidity, salt spray, and intense sun exposure. These types of homes need regular upkeep to maintain their look and durability. One way to protect your coastal residence is through exterior painting.

Exterior painting provides your home with its first layer of defense against the elements. It can help protect your exterior surfaces with a specially-formulated coating that can resist the weather conditions along the Emerald Coast.

Whether you choose to hire a local painting company like Coastal Home Professionals, or decide to paint your home yourself, here are some exterior painting tips for homes in our area:

Top Exterior Painting Tips for Coastal Homes

Choose High-Quality Paint

The first tip is to choose top-quality paint. Because coastal homes are exposed to elements that greatly affect paint, you need to choose high-quality paint that can resist coastal weather and prevent fading, cracking, peeling, and corrosion.

Intensive Clean

Before getting started, you need to ensure that your surfaces are clean and ready for surface preparation. One way to do this is through pressure washing, which will wash away all the dirt and grime stuck to the surfaces.

Repair Damaged Areas

Any professional house painter will tell you that the key to a smoothly painted wall is surface preparation. This includes sanding and repairing damaged areas. Getting your home ready for exterior painting is a great opportunity to take an up-close look at your home and notice any issues that need addressing. This allows you to nip any problems in the bud before they cause you any headaches.

Use Quality Paint Tools

Choosing the proper paint tools is also essential. Professional painters know the best tools to use for a quality finish. Low-quality paint brushes can lead to loose bristles that can get stuck to surfaces. Low-quality paint rollers can give you bad form, leave fibers in the paint, and not hold enough paint. While you might think that you’re making savings with cheaper tools, this might turn out to be more costly in the long run.

Paint in Good Conditions

Needless to say, you need to schedule your exterior painting project during good weather conditions. Try to pick days when the wind and humidity are ideal for painting. This will ensure a smooth and stress-free project.

Choose Complementary Colors

Another of our exterior painting tips is to choose colors that complement your surroundings. Neutral colors like beige, muted grays, and sand colors will look great. Seafoam green, pale blue, and even coral will also be great options for your coastal home.

Protect Surroundings

The last on our list of top exterior painting tips is to protect your surroundings. If you have any potted plants or flower beds along the exterior of your home, it’ll be best to cover these with a plastic sheet to avoid getting any paint on them.  Also, you may want to relocate nearby furniture to avoid drip marks, etc.  Finally, any ground-level trim painting will likely require moving back adjacent pine straw, etc…including potentially cutting-back adjacent bushes.

Full Exterior House Painting by Coastal Home Professionals

The team at Coastal Home Professionals would be eager to discuss your exterior painting project – even if you are in the very early stages of considering the initiative.

We understand your needs – whether painting your primary home, your vacation home or your rental property. Because we are a local painting company along the Emerald Coast (based in Seagrove Beach), we understand the weather, the best paints to use, and the most ideal techniques to ensure long-lasting results.  Our team of painters are highly skilled and experienced in various exterior and interior painting projects, ensuring a smooth and well-planned initiative.

We offer complimentary consultations to help you plan for your upcoming exterior painting project.  Once a project has begun, we emphasize clear and transparent communication to keep you updated with all of the progress.

Simply put, Coastal Home Professionals is focused on quality work and an outstanding customer experience for residential repaint projects.  To schedule our free consultation,  contact us at (850) 909-9844.