If you’re considering updating the paint in your home as a do-it-yourself project, our team of Santa Rosa Beach painters has some best practices for you to follow.

Best Practices of Santa Rosa Beach Painters

Center Furniture

One best practice of professionals is to move all furniture to the center of the room instead of hauling large and heavy pieces into other areas. It’s an efficient and effective way to make room so you can move freely when painting. Once all the heavy items are in the center, place a large plastic cover to prevent any backsplash from getting onto your possessions.

Sand Surfaces

To achieve smoothly painted walls, you need perfectly smooth surfaces. Our interior house painters pay plenty of attention to prep work before they even think about handling a brush. In fact, in some projects, they have spent more time sanding rather than painting.

Sanding your surfaces with the right grit will help reduce the flaws on your surfaces. It can flatten ridges around nail holes, address patch marks, and remove clumped-up paint and dirt. Taking extra time to sand your walls and surfaces is the key to beautifully painted walls.

Press the Tape

There is nothing more discouraging than peeling off painter’s tape from your trimming only to find out that the paint made its way underneath. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your painting project, our Santa Rosa Beach painters suggest running over the tape with a putty knife. After placing the tape along your trimming, firmly press the putty knife along the tape, particularly at the sides of the tape and in between any uneven surfaces. This will ensure that the tape firmly adheres to the wall and you won’t have to deal with messy lines or do-overs.

Buy Premium

Buy premium paint products. Our team of Santa Rosa Beach painters suggests buying premium paint products for your home for optimal and long-lasting results. Cheap brushes often have bristles that fall into the paint and cheap paint can fade out more quickly. While premium products will cost you more than other options, they often provide you with better and more durable results that will last longer.

Tinting from the Same Location

If pursuing a DIY project, be sure to have your paint tinted (the process where the paint is shaded your specified color) from the same paint store location.  Even though there are countless different color codes provided by the leading paint manufacturers, the calibration of the tinting machines may not be consistent across their stores.  Therefore, if you end up needing to purchase more paint after your initial purchase, we recommend to go back to the same store location to get the additional paint tinted.

One by One

One mistake that a lot of DIY-ers do is that they paint the corners first and then start to paint on the walls. However, our Santa Rosa Beach painters recommend doing walls one by one. Take care of the corners and then paint the entire wall. This will allow for a more seamless look as the brushed and rolled sections are still in a condition where they can blend together.

Use Specialized Floor Covering

Canvas or specialized floor covering (available at your local paint stores) are the ideal drop cloths to use. Instead of opting for old bed sheets that you have around the house, we recommend to utilize these more durable floor coverings. They are designed for paint cleanups. They are capable of absorbing splatters and don’t become slippery when in contact with paint.

Turn the Lights On

You can easily miss a spot or two if you’re painting in bad lighting. To confirm that you’ve got everything covered, ensure the room is well-illuminated. You can also use a work light to go over the surfaces and check for missed areas. Do this before you finish up and put everything away.

Trust the Best Santa Rosa Beach Painters with Your Home

If you need help updating the paint on your walls, you can trust our team of Santa Rosa Beach painters with your home. Aside from these best practices, we will apply additional professional painting techniques to your surfaces so you can enjoy them for years.

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