If you’re looking for a Santa Rosa Beach Painting Contractor to transform your home’s exterior, you’re at the right place.

Most professionals recommend painting your home exterior every 5-10 years. However, this isn’t always the case. Several factors will play a part in determining whether you need exterior house painting services. For instance, climate plays a huge part as it affects your exterior the most. Constant exposure to sunlight or rain can take its toll on your home, even more so if you live in a coastal area like the Emerald Coast.

To guide you through this process, here are some tips before you get on a call with your Santa Rosa Beach Painting Contractor.

Why Is Exterior House Painting Important?

The exterior of your home is what protects you from the glaring heat of the sun and the heavy downpour of rain. And what protects your exterior is the coating of paint that helps repel UV rays and prevents moisture from absorbing into your walls. In short, exterior house paint is your first layer of protection against the elements. 

Maintain the integrity of your exterior surfaces with top-quality and professional exterior house painting services.

Signs You Need the Help of Exterior House Painters


The most common sign is fading paint. It will fade over time regardless of what paint product was used on your exterior. Once it starts fading, the paint will gradually lose its integrity and could expose the surfaces beneath. A quick and easy save is to call a Santa Rosa Beach Painting Contractor to repaint exteriors right away.


There are various reasons why paint peels. It could be that it was painted a a long time ago, because the surfaces weren’t properly prepped prior to painting, or due to ongoing moisture damage. Whatever the reason is, once you start to see peeling on your exterior siding, it’s time for an update.


Chalking paint is often caused by constant exposure to sunlight. The UV rays of the sun interact with the paint and cause degradation of the resin. Over time, the pigment particles will become loosely bound to your surfaces and start to give you that powdery, chalky texture. You can easily check for chalking by going around the exterior of your home and lightly touching the surfaces with your palm. If you notice chalking, it’s a sign to call your Santa Rosa Beach Painting Contractor.

Water/Moisture Impacts

Water/moisture impacts can significantly affect your home’s exterior, degrade the paint, and even cause costly repairs in the long run. Once you see water spots, mold, mildew, or similar stains, you need to act quickly.  Preventive maintenance is better than expensive replacements.  A first preventative step to address mold/mildew matters is to regularly pressure wash your home (we recommend every six months or so here along the Emerald Coast).  Overall, the best way to protect your surfaces for longevity is with exterior house painting.


Have you just moved to the Emerald Coast? If you did, maybe the current look of your new home doesn’t please you. While exterior painting is considered a necessary upkeep to maintain your home, it doesn’t have to be the sole reason to get your home repainted. Personal preferences can also be a valid reason to update (or upgrade) the look of your new purchase.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Exterior Paint?

To extend the life of your home’s exterior, you first need to understand what impacts it the most. Here are some of the factors that play a huge role in the durability and longevity of your home’s exterior paint.


As mentioned earlier, the weather can take its toll on your home. Whether it is through constant sunlight exposure or adverse weather conditions, the life of your home’s exterior paint will be dictated by these conditions. 


Location is another factor. For instance, in our experience as a Santa Rosa Beach painting contractor, exterior paint can fade quicker here than in areas with milder weather. Intense UV rays, salty sea air, and windy conditions all contribute to how well the paint will perform on your surfaces. To ensure that your home is properly protected, consult with a local painting company, such as Coastal Home Professionals, for the best painting solutions for your Northwest Florida home.

Paint Products

If your Santa Rosa Beach Painting Contractor provided you with an estimate that is lower than other painting companies, you might want to ask why it’s so low. Some painting companies will use paint of lower quality to provide a more competitive price. However, competitive prices do not guarantee quality. At Coastal Home Professionals, we only use premium paint products to provide your home with the best coat possible.

Hire the Best Santa Rosa Beach Painting Contractor

Coastal Home Professionals is here to help you transform your exterior with outstanding painting services that you can rely on. We are a Santa Rosa Beach Painting Contractor that provides residential painting services to homeowners in the Emerald Coast region. With extensive experience, an outstanding team of house painters, and the commitment to provide an exceptional customer experience, you can rest assured your home is in good hands with Coastal Home Professionals.

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