Coastal interiors hold a magic of their own, don’t they? The fresh, airy ambiance, the soothing colors mirroring the sea, sky, and sand let you know that you are living the life on the Emerald Coast. If you are seeking to capture this coastal vibe in your 30A home (or, for those of you elsewhere who want to replicate that beach feel) below are some suggestions:

1. Embrace the Coastal Color Palette

The first step in creating that coastal feeling is through the choice of colors. Professional painters suggest that colors reflecting the elements of the coast are best suited for this purpose. Think soft blues, warm sandy tones, crisp whites, and tranquil grays. These colors give an impression of the vast sky, the glistening sea, the pristine beaches, and the faded weathered wooden docks, creating a visually calming environment.

2. Mix and Match Textures

Bringing in a variety of textures adds depth and layers to a room, which is essential for achieving the coastal theme. Textures evoke a tactile sense of the coast – whether it is shiplap walls (very common for homes in our area), soft linen drapes or distressed furniture. These choices will give the impression of a lived-in, beachside home.

3. Lighten and Brighten

Maximize natural light to enhance that breezy, outdoor feel. This can be accomplished by using light, reflective paint colors and avoiding heavy, dark drapes. Use pale, neutral shades for the walls and ceilings. Professional painters recommend using satin or possibly even semi-gloss paint, which reflects light and adds to the overall airy feel.

4. Pay Attention to Detail

Small details often make a big difference. Use paint to emphasize architectural details like moldings, window frames, and mantels. A pop of sea-green or turquoise on a door or window frame can create a delightful surprise, while painted white moldings give a crisp, clean feel.

5. Keep it Natural

Incorporating elements from nature enhances the coastal theme. Using reclaimed wood for furniture/flooring, decorating items with shells, or featuring artwork that showcases sea life helps reinforce the desired “beachy” environment. The color palette can extend to these natural elements, with weathered wood tones, muted greens, or shell pinks.

6. Don’t Forget Outdoor Spaces

If the property has an outdoor space, extend the coastal theme there too. Outdoor spaces painted in the same palette and styled with coastal accessories create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, enhancing the overall coastal vibe.

7. Create a Mood with Art

Art can make a significant contribution to the coastal mood. Consider seascapes, beach scenes, or abstract pieces in coastal colors. Art should be soothing and reminiscent of a relaxed, beachy lifestyle.

Remember, achieving the coastal vibe is all about creating a feeling of relaxation, reminding us that we are in a special, beautiful location here in the Emerald Coast.

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