Owning a home that is utilized for short-term rentals is an exciting endeavor for property owners. In a vacation area such as the Emerald Coast, it typically translates into an excellent revenue stream. It can also be utilized by the owners themselves as a periodic vacation getaway. Some owners even rent-out their newly-purchased beach home for a few years – with plans to permanently move into it upon retirement.

Upkeep of a short-term rental property is essential – whether it involves the appearance of the home, its furnishings, its appliances, etc. The color and condition of a home’s paint (both exterior and interior) is arguably one of the most important components involved in short-term rental ownership. The condition of the exterior paint contributes to the initial impression of the home when prospective guests search for their vacation destination online – and the condition of the interior paint is a key factor towards how guests rate a home after their visit is complete.

As you consider the upkeep of your short-term rental property, we wanted to outline some key painting-related tips that will help enhance the appearance of your property.

Helpful Tips for Painting Short-Term Rentals

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  • Choose Durable Colors: Picking durable and easy-to-clean colors is essential. This will help keep the property looking great for longer and cost less to maintain. Choose colors that won’t easily show dirt or get easily scuffed.

  • Consider the Light: Light can affect how color looks in a room, so consider how much natural light the rental property has before deciding on paint colors. If the property has much natural light, you can choose more vibrant colors; if the property has less light, you should use more muted tones.

  • Consider the Purpose of the Room:  For example, if you’re painting a bedroom, try to pick a color that is calming and tranquil, such as pale blue or green. If it’s a living room, you may want to opt for a brighter, more inviting color.

  • Periodically Power Wash the Home: Regardless of whether a home is a short-term rental, second home or primary residence, conditions along the Emerald Coast require periodic power washing of homes. We recommend that Santa Rosa Beach, FL customers power wash their homes approximately every six months. This will clean the home’s exterior of dirt, mildew, etc that has accumulated over time.

  • Exterior and Interior Painting Needs Will Almost Certainly Differ: The fact that a home is used for short term rentals does not notably impact the exterior paint of a home. On the other hand, short-term rental owners need to continually monitor the condition of the paint throughout the home’s interior. With a short-term rental home often at full capacity with new guests each week, the wear-and-tear on the interior of these homes is significant. Walls can be scuffed. Spills can occur. Baseboards feel the impact of luggage, etc.

  • Touchups Require Consideration – Otherwise They Will Be Noticeable: Touchups involve applying paint to small areas to address scuff marks, small hole repairs, spill marks, etc. Touchups must be done carefully – or the touchup itself will look as unsightly as the original issue that was being addressed. Most importantly, the same paint type/sheen/color code need to be utilized when touching-up – otherwise there is a high likelihood that the touchup will be visible. Also, touching-up areas that were last painted over a year earlier is also likely to not be a precise match – due to pigmentation changes. Walls, etc that receive direct sunlight will also very likely reveal any touchup spot.

  • Out-Of-Town Owners Need to Find a Professional They Trust: Painting projects are significant events for any homeowner – from financial, logistical and quality perspectives. “Remote owners” (those who do not live in the same town where their short-term rental property is located) need to trust the paint company that will be doing the work. Who will be monitoring the project to ensure quality? Does the owner have a local representative (such as a management company) that will be in constant contact with the painter to make sure that the project is proceeding as they wish?

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Final Thoughts: Painting Your Rental Home

The mission of Coastal Home Professionals is to deliver high-quality painting services to homes throughout the Santa Rosa Beach, FL, area while also ensuring an exceptional customer experience. Contact us today at (850) 909-9844 if you are considering painting either the exterior or interior of your short-term rental home. We would enjoy the opportunity to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.