Are you seeking a professional painter for a project in the near future? If so, you will certainly be identifying a set of criteria/characteristics to guide you in your search for a vendor that suits your needs. This blog post is intended to help you get started on your search by noting five key items that you may want to consider as you begin talking to painters.

1. What Matters Most to You?

As you begin your search for a professional painter, the first question you should ask is what is most important to you. Is the lowest price offered going to heavily influence your decision? Maybe you are trying to identify a painter that will address the initiative within a specific timeframe. Or maybe you have had past challenges with home services vendors that instead lead you to prioritize the level of quality and professionalism that a painting company displays. Whatever your answer is, identifying “what matters most” will help you shape your search.

2. What Level of Trust Do You Seek?

Having a vendor work on your home is obviously an important event. Often customers will only want to utilize companies who they believe they can trust. On the other hand, other customers may just be driven to “get the job done” – where earning trust plays a lower priority. Identifying your trust preferences is therefore critical during vendor selection.

3. What Are Your Quality Expectations?

Different customers have different quality expectations. Customers painting their forever home frequently expect outstanding workmanship and a thorough approach – where corners are not cut. On the other hand, some customers may sacrifice the highest levels of quality for price or speed considerations. Therefore, you should identify the level of quality you desire. Then inquire about a vendor’s approach to things such as pre-project preparation steps, the paint used and their approach to painting certain areas of the home. This will give you a good sense of their approach to quality – and if it aligns with your expectations.

4. What Is the Vendor’s Project Management Approach?

A vendor’s project management approach has a direct impact on nearly all aspects of a residential painting initiative. The success of the project and the customer’s experience is heavily dependent on properly handling various administrative, painting and communication matters. Questions to ask a vendor include identifying the company’s process to address pre-project matters (such as confirming/assisting with HOA approvals; becoming familiar with any unique neighborhood rules; securing needed paint to start the project on time; identifying if any special equipment will be needed to access certain areas of the home; securing sign-off from the customer regarding the color scheme to be applied). We also recommend confirming the vendor’s process to communicate with the customer during the project (to provide ongoing updates on the project’s progress and also to provide the customer a point of contact in case they have any questions/feedback/requests). In short, understanding a painter’s project management approach will give you an important insight into how the project will evolve…and will allow you to see if it matches your expectations.

5. Confirming Their Insurance

Knowing that your vendor carries proper liability and workers compensation coverage is essential. One area that can often be overlooked is workers compensation insurance for the painting crew. Florida requires that a paint crew have workers compensation insurance (there can be some exceptions if the business owner themselves are doing the painting…but even in those cases, other crew members must have coverage). WC coverage does add to the cost of a project – but it is an essential component to protect both the paint crew and the homeowner whose house is being painted.

Incorporating these recommendations into your selection process will allow you to conduct an efficient painter search – while also helping you refine the key characteristics you seek.

An Elevated Home Painting Experience

Coastal Home Professionals places a specific focus on providing quality workmanship and an exceptional customer experience for residential painting in the 30A area.  We seek to earn our customers’ trust while also managing their projects as if we were painting our own homes.

Whether you are considering repainting your home’s interior or if you are planning a full exterior repaint, Coastal Home Professionals offers the professional and comprehensive residential painting services for your needs. We work throughout the 30A area – including Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Inlet Beach, FL, Rosemary Beach, FL, Alys Beach, FL, Watersound, FL and Grayton Beach, FL.

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